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First of all: Only 25 days until TWISTED PRIDE! I'm so excited! I love Remo & his brothers so much, it's hard to put into words! There will be cool giveaways soon!


My publishing plan

  • Bound By The Past
Dante's and Val's story. So much has happened in the Outfit since the end of Bound By Duty and now you'll finally get the story. WARNING: the book will have MAJOR spoilers for Twisted Pride, so you should read TP before reading BBTP. Expected pub date: July 2019 

  • Twisted #3.5 
Nino's & Kiara's novella dealing with the events in Twisted Pride and the aftermath. Expected Pub date: August 2019 

  • Twisted #4
Savio's book. You will already see more of him in Twisted Pride and his own book is going to be explosive. Expected Pub date: October 2019

  • Bound By Honor Luca's POV 
It'll include a few earlier scenes as well as a few missing scenes from Bound By Love. This book will be out sometime this year. I would love to publish it even before Bound By the Past but that really depends on how fast I'm writing. 

  • New dark romance series 
I'm currently outlining a new dark romance series. It's deliciously dark, full of twisted men, and it has arranged marriages (sort of). It's difficult to explain without giving away too much. My black little heart beats faster just thinking about it. This one will probably be out January 2020. 

  • As for the rest of 2020: I have three mafia books in mind for it: 2 in the Camorra Chronicles, 1 in the Born in Blood Chronicles. But we'll see how that goes. I won't reveal what books yet, but after Twisted Pride you might be able to guess. There might be more books that year, but at this point it's too early to say.
That's what I think will happen, but often inspiration strikes and I write much faster than I thought or sometimes things take longer, or another idea gets in the way. I'm currently still jumping back and forth between the above mentioned projects.

Twisted Pride is now up for pre-order on all platforms:



I'll be doing five events this year!

  • RARE London, September 21st 
  • RARE Rome, September 28th

  • Reader Festival in Tel Aviv, October 3rd
  • Love N' Vegas in Las Vegas, October 25th-27th
  • & another event I'll reveal soon!!

Here's the pre-order form for the above mentioned events!

Social Media Links:

Now and then the question comes up if I have a newsletter, or Instagram etc, so here's the list of my social media accounts
Twitter: | @CoraReillyBooks
Instagram: | @CoraReillyAuthor
Personal Facebook Group "Cora's Turf":

I'm most active on Instagram and in my group, and if you want to see my inspiration for my books, head over to Pinterest.


  1. I loooove you! I can't describe how happy I am to see that isn't over after TP , because I don't want to finish these books never. I hope that one they I will have them in my library , and translated in Romania too. I am so inlove with these boys,that I don't know who I love more , and I know that Remo will twist my world, because I can't find the word to say how much I like him even from BBL. Thank you!! I have no words to thank you ! 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  2. Hey can anyone leave the list of all books by Author? In the sequence launched?
    I wanted to buy and read all, please.


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