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1 Day! Only one day until TWISTED EMOTIONS!!! I'm so excited! I have another snippet for you: Dilated pupils, accelerated breathing, racing pulse, trembling, Kiara had the telltale signs of terror. I kept my thumb on her pulse point as I regarded her. She finally raised her gaze to mine, and her pulse sped up further. Her body’s reactions could have been a sign for arousal as well, but I knew they weren’t.  “So you didn’t agree to marry me,” I pointed out. Her cheeks flushed, and her gaze returned to my chin. “I did agree when Luca asked me, but my uncle never asked when he made the offer.” “Why did you agree when Luca asked, then?” Her brows drew together. “Because it wasn’t really a choice; it was disguised as one. In this life women aren’t given choices.” I regarded her for a few moments. She seemed angry. Her anger suited me better than the submissive terror she’d displayed before. I lifted her hand, and she tensed again as if she’d forgotten about my to


Many people asked if I had a playlist for Twisted Emotions, and yes, I actually have a playlist for every book. I'm not on spotify or anything, but I'll give you the list of the songs I listen to: Bird Set Free - Sia Stone Cold - Demi Lovato Crucify - Tori Amos Shelter - Birdy Rise up - Andra Day Unconditional (live) - Freya Riggings My Kind of Love - Emily Sande Lies in the Dark - Tove Lo Broken - Leona Lewis Grace - Rag'n'bone Man Take Me Home - Jess Glynne Just Hold me - Maria Mena Lovely - Billie Eilish Make you feel my love - Adele I can't make you love me - Adele I sometimes listen to a single song on repeat if it fits a certain scene. Music helps me get in the emotional state I need to be in to write, and as you may guess TWISTED EMOTIONS is a very emotional, heart-breaking book.

Read the first ten pages of TWISTED EMOTIONS!

I'm so excited for you to read the first ten pages of TWISTED EMOTIONS. The book will be out in exactly 1 week!  !!!Spoilers for BOUND BY LOVE ahead!!! Prologue Kiara The Falcones were going to feel cheated. A sacrificial virgin was to be given to the monsters in Las Vegas for a promise of peace. I was never given the chance to be a virgin. That choice had been taken from me.  Painfully ripped from me. Fear, acute and raw, clawed at my chest as my husband led me into our room for the night and closed the door to the grinning faces of his brothers.  Nino released me, and I quickly created distance between us, moving toward the bed. Six years had passed, but the memories still woke me at night. I was scared of being close to a man, to any man, especially this man—my husband.  Standing a few steps in front of the bed, my eyes swept over the white sheets—sheets my family expected to the see stained with my blood in the morning. Blood that wouldn’t be there.