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  1. Loved bound by honor. It was well written leaving you wantin more. It was worth losing sleep!

  2. Cora, where are you? :(
    At this point, it ain't even about the book.
    Please just come back!!!

  3. I was trying to subscribe to the mailing list, tried two different emails (both on gmail), checked the SPAM folder, but can't find an e-mail from you to confirm subscription :(

  4. Coraaaaa I want the second book seduced by the escort pleaaaase!!!!!!


  6. Pleaaaaase coraaa never ask you nothing

  7. For love of god i want this booooook

  8. All of your book this is my favorite, I dont like bound by the honor, for me SEDUCED BY THE ESCORT RULES!!

  9. I read the first book, I'm dying for the second one now ����

  10. Hey when are you going to actually publish lover extrodanaire Ive been waiting for so long

  11. I want second book for Voyeur Extraordinaire!! Just be honest and tell me if it is on your mind or not.. Waiting!!

  12. I would like to know your other penn name

  13. Are you going to write more about aria and Luca. I love reading about them

  14. anyone know what happened and why is she not writing anymore??


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